Star Wars Elite Series Sergeant Jyn Erso Review (shopDisney)

Star Wars Elite Series Sergeant Jyn Erso
What It Is

Jyn Erso is the star, and hero of the Rebel Alliance in the movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Although the character begins the movie as a somewhat reluctant rebel recruit, she quickly comes to realize the importance of the Rebel Alliance's fight against the oppressive Empire, and how her own personal history, and family are entwined with both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.  

The Star Wars Elite Series: Sergeant Jyn Erso 10-inch action figure, from the Disney Store, is part of the Disney Store's Premium Action Figure line of 10-inch scale action figures. The Sergeant Jyn Erso action figure is wearing the outfit that the character is wearing when she meets the Rebels, and again on the planet Jedha. The figure has over 30 points of articulation including jointed toes and ankles, legs, torso, arms, wrists, and even the figure's neck. 

This premium Star Wars action figure comes with three weapons that she can hold. There is a baton that is part of the Imperial Ground Crew uniform that she wears on Scarif, a pistol blaster that also fits in the action figure's holster, and there is a large sniper blaster that can be assembled or taken apart. When fully assembled, the large blaster uses the smaller pistol as it' firing section. The figure also comes with two sets of interchangeable hands.

Is It Fun?
The Elite Series: Sergeant Jyn Erso 10-inch action figure is a beautifully crafted version of Jyn Erso with multiple details, real-fabric clothing, and rooted hair. All of which, makes it a unique collectible figure that will look great in a collection. The figures articulation also makes poseable, which leads to some great, out-of-package display options. 
Who It’s For
This Sergeant Jyn Erso action figure is for Star Wars fans, and fans of Rogue One, ages 3 and up. Kids will probably like playing with the figure, however, we think it's really more for older fans and adult collectors to display.
What To Be Aware Of
Sergeant Jyn Erso is part of the Star Wars Elite Series, and a Disney Store exclusive.  Additional figures from Rogue One, including Director Krennic, and an Imperial Death Trooper, plus figures from other Star Wars movies, are also available. All other figures are sold separately. 
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