Putao Cube-tastic! Review (Pai Technology)

Putao Cube-tastic!
What It Is
You can finally solve that baffling cube puzzle...with a little help. Cube-Tastic uses augmented reality (AR) on an app to help kids solve a classic 3x3 puzzle game. Rubik's Cube was a sensation in the 1980s, and while millions played with it, only a handful ever really got good at solving it. Now, anyone can learn to solve it. The set includes the 3X3 puzzle cube. Download the app, and then open it up. The camera will shoot the cube and show you which facing to be looking at by reading the colored dot in the center. (That one never moves.) Then, it will show you the progression of moves you need to make to solve the puzzle. As you get more proficient at solving the puzzle, you can level up in the app and get less and less help to solve it. The goal, of course, is that eventually, you'll become so adept at the process that you'll be able to solve the cube without help. This is a great way for kids to work on sequencing and puzzle solving while they're having a good time and ultimately feeling successful.
Is It Fun?
Kids of all ages love puzzles, but the 3x3 cube has proven particularly challenging to puzzlers over the years. The combination of the AR in the app and the cube puzzle breaks down the process so players can learn how to solve the puzzle. And that's an accomplishment you can show off at parties, etc. 
Who It’s For
Cube-Tastic is graded for kids ages 3 years and up, but it will probably be more appropriate for kids in the 7-8 year old range. It's ideal for people who want to learn to solve a Rubik's Cube-like puzzle. Whether just to get it done or to learn the thinking process behind the solution so it can be done independently, this is a fun way to master one of the great puzzle challenges of the 20th century!
What To Be Aware Of
Some people may say it's "cheating" to do this, but we'd rather think of this as a fun learning experience. Especially for younger kids, the discipline of discovering the process and experiencing the thinking behind solving the puzzle is very solid problem-solving curriculum. 

We anticipate that kids who really get into this won't want to depend on the AR so completely. Rather, they are going to try to solve it and use the app when they get stuck. That's the way that's going to be the most fun, too.

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