Ocean Pets Review (Pai Technology)

Ocean Pets
What It Is

With Ocean Pets, kids can mold fun sea creatures and then learn about them and play with them in an app. This toy merges physical play with digital play to introduce kids to creatures of the ocean. It comes with eight colors of molding putty that kids can use to create different ocean animals to then scan into the free iOS Ocean Pets app. There are also eight molds to help kids easily make a Clownfish, a Regal Tang, a Sailfish, a Royal Gramma, a Kissing Gourami, a Puffer Fish, a Picasso Triggerfish, and a Whale Shark. (More creatures will be available soon.) 

Kids simply follow the on-screen instructions to press a color of the putty into the mold, and then use other colors to add fun details to the fish. Once complete, scan the putty creation into the app and watch as a digital version of the creature appears in the app's ocean. Watch your fishy friends swim around in the digital ocean or turn on the Augmented Reality mode to watch the fish swim around in your world. Kids can even take pictures and video of their sea creatures that get saved to the device's gallery. As you play, speech bubbles will appear for your sea creatures so that you know what they want and how they're feeling, such as “Feed me quick! I'm starving!” and “I'm too sexy for this tank”. They'll also tell you some fun facts, such as “Saltwater is more buoyant than freshwater”. You have the option to go into the app and record voices for those speech bubbles, or record your own phrases for the ocean animals to say. The more you feed and play with your creatures, the more game features you unlock.

While the play within the app is fun, kids can also play with their putty creations for imaginative play outside of the app. Just let the putty creations dry and pop them out of the mold.

Is It Fun?
This toy inspires artistic play as well as scientific learning. Kids will like molding the different sea creatures and then learning about the real-life creatures through the play in the app. The creatures in the app have silly personalities that kids will like interacting with, and the ability to record other phrases for the creatures is going to allow kids to add to that silliness. There is also opportunity for imaginative play away from the app as kids play out ocean adventures with the putty animals they created.
Who It’s For
Ocean Pets is for ages 3 and up, and we think younger kids will need some help and guidance from parents both in creating the sea creatures and figuring out the app. Kids who like getting creative with modeling compounds and playing app games will enjoy the merging of the two activities in this one toy.
What To Be Aware Of

Ocean Pets comes with two putty tools, eight shaping molds, eight colors of putty (orange, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white), and one cushion.

You can take apart your putty creations to reuse the putty, but you'll want to do so immediately after scanning it into the app so that the putty doesn't start to dry out. If you wait too long, the putty becomes really stuck together and is difficult to separate. 

There are two containers for storing putty when you're done using it, but you'll probably need extra resealable bags or containers from home if you want to store each color of putty in a separate container.

The putty in this kit is non-toxic and food-safe.

The free Ocean Pets app is compatible with iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPad Mini or newer, and iPad Pro.

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