SwingPod Review (KidCo)

What It Is

There are two things that babies love: swaddling and swinging. The SwingPod combines both of those things to help parents easily calm a fussy baby. It's a portable swaddle swing that parents hold in one hand and manually swing back and forth. You simply lay the SwingPod on the floor, and place the baby in the center, making sure his head is well within the flap at the top of the SwingPod. Wrap the swaddle strap across the chest and arms of the baby and secure with the Velcro strip. Put the two straps together at the handle and gently lift up, making sure the baby is securely held. With a straight arm at your side, slowly begin swinging the baby back and forth.

Why Is It Useful?

As with many baby products, there are going to be parents who love the SwingPod and there are going to be parents who find it unnecessary. The parents who like it will do so because it's portable. When you're on the go, you can't bring the baby swing or the rocking chair with you, but you can easily fold up the SwingPod and put it in a diaper bag or suitcase. And for parents who have babies that don't like being in a baby swing or being worn in a baby carrier, the SwingPod could be a nice alternative for use even at home.

On the other hand, some parents might think that swinging a 7-to-19-pound baby (depending on the age and weight of the baby) with just one arm is going to be tiring. They might find that simply holding and rocking the baby in both arms is a little more comfortable. Or if their baby responds to being in the baby swing, they'd prefer to just use that. Others might wonder what you do after the baby falls asleep in the SwingPod. With so many regulations on babies sleeping in cribs, putting a sleeping baby in the crib while still in the SwingPod doesn't seem like a good option, but do you really want to risk waking the baby by undoing the Velcro strap with a loud “ripping” noise? (Parents with a baby who would continue to sleep through that, consider yourself lucky.) Some parents who have used this said they simply placed the sleeping baby on the floor in the SwingPod, but just know that you can't leave the child unattended while she sleeps in the SwingPod.

And still others might be concerned about the security of the baby within the SwingPod. TTPM wasn't able to test the SwingPod with a real baby, but we think that with proper use, the security of the baby shouldn't be a problem. 

There are pros and cons to this product, so parents are going to have to make their own decision as to whether or not the SwingPod could be a useful addition to their baby gear supply.

Who It’s For
The SwingPod is designed to hold a baby from birth to 6 months. Parents with fussy babies who don't respond to other soothing methods might like the SwingPod as an alternative for at-home use and when they're on the go.
What To Be Aware Of

The SwingPod is machine washable.

Do not swing fast or aggressively, and make sure there is at least three feet of open space around the child when the product is in use. Never let a child sleep in a SwingPod unattended.

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