HuggaPod Review (KidCo)

What It Is
The HuggaPod is a soft padded baby support that wraps all around your baby's body to help support them in high chairs, exercise jumpers, bucket swings and more. The HuggaPod fills up the negative space, on swings and highchairs to support baby's torso and head. The HuggaPod features a pillowed cushion for supporting the head and padding that wraps around the baby's torso with straps that adjust to accommodate growth. 
Why Is It Useful?
The HuggaPod is especially useful for babies on the smaller side because it does give them the extra support they could benefit from. You can also adjust the this as your chid grows. This is machine washable. The HuggaPod gives babies much needed torso and head support while sitting in highchairs and swings and jumpers. Parents can rest assured that baby is supported securely while enjoying some early independence. 
Who It’s For
The HuggaPod is for use from ages 3 months and up. This is especially for use with smaller babies who will benefit from the support. Some kids will stop using this around 6 months when babies learn to sit up straight without support but some babies might need an extra couple months of support. Each baby is different so parents will have to decide what's best. 
What To Be Aware Of
The HuggaPod is machine washable and is easy to use. Parents must decide what's right for their child and if their baby needs this past 8 months. We feel this is best for smaller babies to offer some support. 
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