Beauty and the Beast Beast Plush Review (Just Play)

Beauty and the Beast Beast Plush
What It Is

There's a new look for Disney's Beauty and the Beast thanks to the new live-action movie version, but fans can collect some of their favorite characters with a more cartoonish appearance thanks to Just Play's Beauty and the Beast Plush collection. These mini plush toys come in Belle, Beast, Cogsworth, and Lumiere. 

Belle and the Beast wear their formal attire as seen in the animated movie's most iconic scene, while Lumiere the candlestick wears an embroidered smile with fabric flames, and Cogsworth the clock also looks happy with an embroidered pendulum. 

All of the plush characters are about six inches tall and can sit up on their own, but you might need to give Belle and the Beast a little help. And Belle, Beast, and Cogsworth have bean-filled bottoms. Each one is sold separately.

Is It Fun?
Kids will be able to bring the classic story to life through these mini plush toys, whether they are fans of the original animated movie or just getting introduced to the story through Disney's new live-action version. These toys mimic the cartoon appearance of the characters from the animated version, which is something that fans of that version will really like. But their embroidered faces give them a cute look that is unique from both the animated and new live-action movie, making them fun toys for just about any Beauty and the Beast fan. Imaginative kids will like playing out favorite movie scenes and making up their own stories with these cuddly characters.
Who It’s For

The Beauty and the Beast Beast Plush is for ages 3 and up. Whether fans of the original animated classic or the brand-new live-action movie, this toy will be a fun way for kids and adults to collect a favorite character. 

What To Be Aware Of
The Beauty and the Beast Plush toys are all surface washable only. Each one is sold separately.
  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectability