Sew Mini Animals Review (Klutz)

Sew Mini Animals
What It Is

There are so many sew mini animals to make with the Sew Mini Animals activity and craft book. This comes with the tools kids need to make 17 different projects, including a penguin, a sloth, a bat, a pig, a whale, a seal, a hedgehog, a fox, a raccoon, an alpaca, a bunny, a panda, an octopus, and an owl. Kids can also make cute accessories for their animals, such as a bow, hat, or sunglasses. There are nine colors of felt, eight colors of embroidery floss, stuffing, two embroidery needles with a holder, 30 pre-cut eyes and 30 pre-cut cheeks, and traceable patterns. Kids will also need to provide scissors, as well as ribbon, a ruler, a thimble, and a pen.

Start by making the penguin to gain some basic sewing skills, such as learning to thread a needle, tie a knot, and do a back stitch and whip stitch. Then, progress from there to the other animals.

Is It Fun?
For kids who have an interest in learning to sew, this has the potential to be a nice introductory kit. We just wish that the very dull needles were easier to use. (See What to Be Aware of below.) That would have made the whole process more satisfying and less frustrating. These itty bitty animals look very cute within the pages of the book, but a child's age and skill level is going to determine the actual outcome of the finished animals, and it might not be as professional-looking as what's in the book. We think a slightly sharper needle would actually yield better results. Hopefully though, kids will enjoy the process of sewing the animals and creating their own mini menagerie. 
Who It’s For
Sew Mini Animals is for ages 8 and up. The book offers information on how to do basic hand stitches, making this a good activity for beginner sewers. Kids who like animals and who have an interest in learning to sew will enjoy working with this craft kit. Adult assistance may be necessary, though, for younger kids.
What To Be Aware Of

It took us 45 minutes to make one of the animals, and the instructions were fairly easy to follow, but we felt like they could have been clearer. Some of the markings on the punch-out patterns were not clearly labeled, so it took us awhile to figure out which ones we were supposed to use. We also found it very difficult to use the included needles. Because this is for kids, the needles were very dull as a safety measure, but that meant that it was really difficult to poke the needle through more than one piece of fabric, and you kind of need to do that to sew the pieces of the animals together. Kids might find this frustrating but even adults will have a hard time doing it if they try to assist.

Sew Mini Animals comes with a 48-page book of instructions, three pages of paper patterns, 12 sheets of acrylic felt, 32 yards of cotton floss in eight colors, 30 sets of pre-cut acrylic felt eyes and cheeks, two embroidery needles, and one ounce of polyfill stuffing. You'll need to provide your own scissors, and Klutz recommends using small scissors with sharp blades.

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