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What It Is takes photos that you upload to their website and turns them into a wonderful display piece for Doggy Mom's and Dad's.  All you have to do is upload your dog's image which can even come from a cell phone, add their dog's name and then yours and then choose a description from over 50 different breeds, in my case it was boxer, or you can choose the All-American Mix Breed.  There are 2templates to choose from, vertical and horizontal.  One Box will contain your dog's name, family name or description, and his breed's description.  The other will house the image you previously uploaded.  At this point you choose a color for the 13 X 16 frame as well as the background of the text.   A few clicks later and presto, your order is being processed.
Why Is It Useful?
If you've ever asked the question, "what do you get someone who has everything?", then could be the answer if your someone is a doggy mom or dad.  With you get to create a timeless wall hanging that would be appropriate in any home or workplace.
Who It’s For
As you might expect, this is designed for the doting dog parent. It's a terrific way to celebrate how important and beloved a pet is within the family. 
What To Be Aware Of
You must visit to to produce a Fidophile. will work with you to ensure your framed gifts turns out correctly.  They will even size the image for you.  You can use images taken on a cell phone or tablet.
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