Only Leash Review (Only Leash)

Only Leash
What It Is
The Only Leash is a looped bungee dog leash that is always handy since your dog can wear it when not in use. The idea behind the Only Leash is that some dogs are trained well enough to walk about in safe areas without the restraint of a leash.  That's all well and good until another dog, human or animal comes into the picture and suddenly your relaxed dog gets excited and tries to lunge.  Fumbling with trying to re-attach the leash could lead to unpleasant episodes. The Only Leash can be easily grabbed by any Pet Parent for instant control of your pooch since it's already attached to your dogs' collar or harness and then looped around his neck.  When things calm down, you can slip the bungee loop over your dog's head again and let him "carry" on.
Why Is It Useful?
The Only Leash is very useful for Pet Parents that have trained their dogs to stay nearby when walking freely in open areas that don't pose a risk.  Usually dogs with this demeanor do not suddenly bolt unless another dog, animal or human is introduced and if that happens, the Only Leash is right there for you to grab and take control of your excited pooch.  Our team feel the Only Leash would also be excellent for use in cars since conventional leashes can get caught around seats and gear shift levers, etc.
Who It’s For
The Only Leash is for Medium and Larger dogs only.  As per Only Leash, they need to be standing 18 inches tall and have a neck length between 18 inches and 24 inches.  The Only Leash is great for dogs and Pet Parents that like to be outside together.  We also think the Only Leash would work well for those Pet Parents who often take their dogs out in the car.
What To Be Aware Of
The Only Leash is not for small dogs.  The Only Leash comes in 6 stylish colors.  We think the Only Leash is a great accessory as an "add-on" leash.  We're not sure it would work well as an everyday walking leash since the loop is rather short. The Only Leash is available online and on their website,
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