Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash Review (MGA Entertainment)

Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash
What It Is

Spot Splatter Splash is a 9-inch tall doll inspired by the new Netflix show We're Lalaloopsy. As the story goes, she was made from pieces of a painter's overalls and was sewn on International Artist Day which is also Picasso's Birthday. Her pet zebra stays by her side and is always a willing model for her paintings. 

Spot Splatter Splash comes in her signature costume from the show, including an adorable paint-spattered dress. And it looks like some paint got on her zebra, too. The doll has realistic, rooted hair, which allows kids to brush and style it...something comparatively new in the Lalaloopsy collections. 

Is It Fun?
Kids will love coming up with their own Lalaloopsy adventures for roleplay and hair play as they create their own imaginative adventures for the doll and her pet.

The doll captures the whimsical nature of the show and whether they're recreating scenes from the show or engaging in open-ended play, this is an adorable friend and, like all Lalaloopsy dolls, a unique and attractive toy. 

Who It’s For
Spot Splatter Splash is for ages 4 and up who are fans of the show. The characters are peers with young kids, so the play is really about best friend play, as opposed to baby doll or nurturing play. It will appeal to kids who are creative and love making up stories as they play, as well as to kids who just enjoy a uniquely styled character doll. 
What To Be Aware Of
There are four dolls in the collection, and the other three are Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Storm E. Sky, and Jewel Sparkles. Each is sold separately. The dolls are based on characters in the new Netflix series We're Lalaloopsy.
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