VR Real Feel Racing Review (VR Entertainment)

VR Real Feel Racing
What It Is
VR Real Feel Racing is a real virtual reality video game designed specifically for kids. The set comes with a pair of virtual reality goggles and a steering wheel. Download the game onto a smartphone (iOS or Android). Connect the steering wheel to the phone via Bluetooth. Then, start the app and insert the phone into the goggles. You can control the racing game with buttons on the steering wheel. 

This is a basic driving game, and it comes with four different cars with different characteristics and 8 different track layouts. The more proficient you get at the game, the more levels you can unlock. The steering wheel also has a rumble mode, which allows kids to feel the road (or bumping into obstacles) as they drive.

The phone cradle in the headset is adjustable to take a variety of phones, up to an Apple 7 Plus. Seat the phone in the headset, adjust the supports, and you're ready to go.

The company says that the headset can be used with other VR games that are available in the App Store or on Google Play. However, TTPM only tried the system out with the game designed to be used with it.

Is It Fun?
This is a real VR game. Kids will find themselves immersed in the racing world, and challenged by the different levels of the game. Did we mention that this is real VR? One of the things that makes this so effective is that it leverages the computing power of the smartphone to drive the game, versus a high end, computer with a sophisticated graphics card that  is required for something like an Oculus Rift or Vive.

The rumble action in the steering wheel is simply fun, and we liked that it provided some sensory stimulus so that players aren't completely shut off from the world as they play.

Who It’s For
VR Real Feel Racing is age graded for kids ages 5 and, up, but really, it will appeal to anyone who would be interested in playing this game. The headset is easily adjustable to accommodate various head sizes, so there's no barrier to who can play.
What To Be Aware Of
You can download the game and play it in non-VR mode on your smartphone.

When you insert your smartphone, you'll want to be sure that the latch on the goggles clicks firmly in place. You should take time to adjust the fit so that the phone stays securely in place. This helps ensure the safety of the phone and line up the screen with the eye pieces to provide the VR effect.

We had a little trouble at first connecting the steering wheel to the Bluetooth. Here's how we solved it...and never had another problem. Make sure your Bluetooth is on, and that the VR Racing show in the list of devices. Once you do that, re-open the app, and press the button to connect on the screen. It appears that, at least on an iPhone 6 Plus, the connection needs to be completed from within the app. Overall we thought the instructions could be a little clearer, not that they're that complex.

Like any driving video game, there is a bit of a learning curve, but over time, kids will figure out how to drive the tracks. And that's the fun, getting more proficient and (hopefully) winning a few races.

Be sure to stay seated as you play. The company has designed the game with the help of optical experts to prevent dizziness in players, but especially when you're learning the game, you may end up moving your head a lot. (At least we did.) 

We found that playing in a slightly darkened room increased the ability to see the screen and prevent any light leak from the closure on the headset.

The game graphics are very good, and the game is responsible, but this is not the most sophisticated game in terms of design. And it does have to be. It appears that the developers opted for best driving performance rather than sophisticated graphics, and we think that's the absolutely correct decision. After all, it's all about the gameplay.

If you've played on a high end VR system, you won't confuse this with one of those. But, it's important to remember, that this has a suggested retail price of under $30, and it provides a very good VR gaming experience. This is a toy and is designed as such. Kids will have the grown-up VR experience, and parents won't have to shell out $1,500 or more for a sophisticated system. Oh, and this has one more advantage. You're not tethered to a computer, so you can play anywhere. 

The company says that more games are planned, which may use different peripherals like the steering wheel. 

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    3 AAA batteries required