PJ Masks Night Sight Game Review (Wonder Forge)

PJ Masks Night Sight Game
What It Is

Preschoolers can take on the role of a favorite PJ Masks superhero when they play the PJ Masks Night Sight Game. This game is all about memory skills as kids must remember what toys they have in their toy store to stop the villain Romeo from stealing the toys.

To set up, every player gets a mask and a matching toy store for either Owlette, Gekko, or Catboy. Three shelf tiles are randomly placed in each toy store with the red-encoded side facing up. The Romeo tiles get shuffled and placed face-down in a draw pile. Then, all players put on their masks, which will reveal the hidden toy images on the shelf tiles. Players memorize what toys they have, and then remove their masks to play the first phase of the game. 

To start the day phase of the game, draw and turn over three Romeo tiles to see what toys Romeo is trying to steal. Working together, place each Romeo tile next to the toy store that has the toy. Once this has been done, the night phase begins. Players put their masks back on to see if they correctly placed the Romeo tiles. Each Romeo tile that is next to the correct toy store has been protected. But each Romeo tile that is next to an incorrect toy store was stolen by Romeo, and the Romeo tile goes to Romeo's toy rack. Don't let Romeo's toy rack get five toys or he completes his evil mission. 

Remove the masks and flip over three more Romeo tiles to start another day phase. Continue playing day and night phases until the game ends. If you've played all the Romeo tiles and Romeo has less than five toys in his toy rack, then everybody wins!

Is It Fun?
Preschoolers are really going to like wearing the mask of their favorite PJ Masks character to play this game. They'll like working together and pretending to be the characters in order to stop Romeo, just like on the TV show. Parents will like that through the play, kids are working on their memory skills. And because the positioning of the shelf tiles changes from game to game, kids will have a new memory challenge each time they play. This game is a fun way to add some roleplay to a classic gameplay concept.
Who It’s For
The PJ Masks Night Sight Game is for two to three players ages 3 and up. It's going to be fun for preschool fans of the PJ Masks TV show who will like wearing the masks and pretending to be their favorite superhero.
What To Be Aware Of
The game comes with three masks, three toy stores, nine shelf tiles, 27 Romeo tiles, Romeo's toy rack, and instructions.
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