Paw Patrol Skye Pup to Hero Playset Review (Spin Master)

Paw Patrol Skye Pup to Hero Playset
What It Is
Help Paw Patrol's Skye go from regular pup to hero pup with the Paw Patrol Skye Pup to Hero Playset. With this playset, kids can transform Skye and get her dressed in her Paw Patrol rescue gear so she can go off on the next rescue mission. The transformation feature occurs thanks to two different Skye figures. One of the figures is just a regular off-duty Skye figure, while the other one features Skye in her pink pilot's uniform and pup pack. Place the pilot Skye figure inside the doghouse playset, and then turn the knob so that the figure disappears and an empty space shows. When it's time to transform, place the off-duty Skye figure into the empty space in the playset, turn the knob, and reveal the hero Skye figure in her Paw Patrol uniform. Reverse the steps once the mission is complete.
Is It Fun?
Paw Patrol fans will really like taking Skye from off-duty pup to hero pup with just one easy twist. This lets them play out that wonderful moment when Skye gets ready for action and then taking Skye on lots of different rescue missions, just like on the TV show. Plus, with the off-duty pup figure, fans can play out non-rescue storylines and just let Skye hang out and relax. 
Who It’s For
The Paw Patrol Skye Pup to Hero Playset is for ages 3 and up. Paw Patrol fans who really like the character of Skye will like playing out lots of different storylines with this playset. The transformation feature is so easy to do that kids will want to make it happen over and over again.
What To Be Aware Of

Just be careful when putting the Skye figures into the doghouse. They have to be pushed in kind of far to the back of the chamber, so that they don't get stuck going around the doghouse when you turn the knob.

The transforming feature is all this playset does, so it will probably appeal most to younger Paw Patrol fans who like the repetitive action. 

A similar Paw Patrol Marshall Pup to Hero Playset is also available and sold separately.

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    None or Very Easy