HyperChargers Toyota Supra Review (Jada Toys)

HyperChargers Toyota Supra
What It Is

The next generation of radio control is here with the HyperChargers Exotic Tuner Edition Toyota Supra. This R/C vehicle has the cool detailing of a blue Toyota Supra, complete with custom rims, but unlike other R/C cars, it doesn't use up a lot of batteries. That's because the car runs on built-in, non-removable rechargeable batteries. You simply plug the built-in USB cable into a USB port to charge it up. It takes about 90 minutes to get a full charge, and from that you get 20 minutes of continuous playtime. Of course, that playtime could end up being longer depending on how a child plays.

To play with this R/C car, use the joysticks on the battery-operated remote control, which does require two AA batteries,  to send the car forward, backward, left, and right. There is a steering alignment lever on the bottom of the car that you can adjust to help the car drive in a straight line. And unlike previous HyperChargers R/C cars that TTPM has reviewed, this one is wireless. That means there are no cumbersome antennas on the remote or the car, and it's easier to drive at an extended range.

Is It Fun?

This R/C car has a cool look that will appeal to car enthusiasts young and old. And for kids and adults who like driving R/C cars, they'll be pleased at the performance of this one. The R/C Toyota Supra is easy to drive and has a really great range between the car and remote. The box says the range can go up to 100 feet. We tested this in a hallway that's about 70 feet long, and we could have continued to control the car well past the 70-foot mark. 

The box also says that 90 minutes is a quick charge time, and while some people might disagree, you do get a pretty long playing time from a full charge when compared to similar R/C vehicles. Just keep in mind that the playtime could vary and be more or less depending on how the car is played with. 

Who It’s For
The HyperChargers Exotic Tuner Edition Toyota Supra is for ages 6 and up. Car enthusiasts of all ages who like playing with R/C toys will like this R/C vehicle's realistic detail and ease of driving. Kids at the younger end of the recommended age range, though, will find this especially easy and satisfying to drive. 
What To Be Aware Of

The car battery is built in and can't be removed. The remote comes with two AA batteries. Charge it up by connecting the built-in USB charging cable to a computer, a car charger, a smart phone adapter, a wall outlet with USB, or a game console. 

The charge time will vary by the charging method you use, but the average charge time is 90 minutes. That gives you up to 20 minutes of playtime, depending on the play conditions.

While this is not the most sophisticated R/C we've seen, it's definitely designed to be a toy, and it's a terrific value for the level of performance and easy of driving. Casual R/C players will have a good experience with this car.

Additional HyperChargers vehicles in the Exotic Tuner Edition collection include the Scion FR-S, sold separately.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AA batteries required