Little Tikes My First Flyer Review (MGA Entertainment)

Little Tikes My First Flyer
What It Is
Now little kids can have their very own R/C helicopter with the Little Tikes R/C Flyerz My First Flyer. This helicopter lets preschoolers fly, turn, and land with a one-touch control. To launch the helicopter into the air, place it on a flat, level surface and stand three feet away from it with the remote control receiver facing the helicopter. Then, press the take-off button. The helicopter's propellers will start spinning, and you'll hear engine noises as the helicopter eventually lifts itself off the ground and into the air. It has auto-hover technology so that the only thing kids have to control is the helicopter's direction, which they can do by pressing the turn button to make the helicopter turn clockwise or spin in a circle. As the helicopter flies, it will light up and continue to make sound effects. Press the landing button to make the helicopter fly downward and land. If the helicopter crashes, press the emergency stop button to stop the propellers. The protective propeller rings are designed to keep the propellers from getting damaged in the event of a crash.
Is It Fun?

This is a really nice first R/C toy for preschoolers. While there still might be a learning curve to steering the helicopter, it's very easy to make the helicopter take off and land, and kids don't have to worry about controlling the helicopter's height in the air, something that can often be difficult on regular flying R/C toys. And yes, it is durable. Ours hit the wall a few times with no damage to the propellers, and the helicopter took off again for another flight attempt. Budding aviators will like having their very own R/C helicopter just like the ones they've seen older siblings or even Dad play with.

Who It’s For
The Little Tikes R/C Flyerz My First Flyer is for ages 4 and up. Adult supervision is required. It's the ideal R/C toy for little kids who are just learning how to control an R/C toy. They will like how easy it is to make the helicopter take off, turn, and land with just the push of a button, all while feeling just like the big kids with their very own remote control vehicle.
What To Be Aware Of

The Little Tikes R/C Flyerz My First Flyer remote control requires six AA batteries, which are not included. The helicopter runs on a built-in rechargeable Li-Poly battery, which is included. The helicopter's battery requires 30 to 40 minutes of charging by plugging the remote's cord into the helicopter. 

This R/C helicopter should be used indoors only with adult supervision.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    6 AA batteries required