Star Wars Elite Series Rey Review (shopDisney)

Star Wars Elite Series Rey
What It Is
The Disney Store has added one of the breakout stars of Star Wars: The Force Awakens to the Elite Series collection with a new Rey figure. The Star Wars Elite Series: Rey action figure from the Disney Store is a fully articulated, highly detailed, and beautifully sculpted version of one of the movie's heroes as she appeared in The Force Awakens. This Rey action figure is part of the 10-inch scale and features real fabric clothing. Her clothing is the desert scavenger outfit that the character wears on the planet Jakku in the beginning of the movie.

In the movie, Rey is living a solitary life on the war torn desert planet of Jakku. Rey survives by scavenging parts from the wreckage of old Imperial destroyers, AT-AT Walkers, and smaller fighters and Rebel Alliance ships that are strewn across the vast desert landscape. Rey finds herself reluctantly at the center of a new galactic conflict with implications on her own mysterious past. The Star Wars Elite Series: Rey action figure comes with a detachable backpack that the figure can wear. The figure also comes with a blaster pistol, the staff Rey uses in the movie, and the blue lightsaber that belonged to Luke Skywalker. She also has two sets of interchangeable hands, and rooted hair.

Is It Fun?
This Elite Series Star Wars figure of Rey is a superb iteration of the Star Wars sequel star. Rey's detailing and fabric clothing distinguish this action figure from other similarly scaled figures, and with more than 30 points of articulation, the Rey figure is fully poseable and can be displayed in numerous stances. 
Who It’s For
This Rey action figure is for Star Wars fans ages 3 and up. Kids will probably like playing with Rey, but we think it's older fans and adult collectors that are going to really appreciate the figure for its detail and style.
What To Be Aware Of
The Star Wars Elite Series: Rey action figure is part of the Disney Store exclusive Star Wars Elite Series. Additional figures, including Kylo Ren and characters from other Star Wars movies, are also available. All other figures are sold separately.
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