Disney Moana Maui Plush Review (Just Play)

Disney Moana Maui Plush
What It Is

Part of a set of soft Disney's Moana-themed dolls (each of these are sold separately), this nine-inch Maui doll looks big and bold with his hook and grass skirt. His body is printed with traditional Hawaiian tattoo patterns. Big hair and embroidered details complete his look. 

With a larger-than-life personality to match his appearance, the legendary demigod Maui serves as a protector of humanity. His magical fish hook allows him to shapeshift. In the film, Maui and Moana traverse across Oceana to restore the heart of Te Fiti and return order to the world.

Is It Fun?
This nine-inch Maui doll is super soft and his big hair, magical fish hook and tattoos help add detail to the doll's appearance. With this doll, kids can roleplay or snuggle with Maui. To add to the roleplay and creative play, kids can collect all the additional Moana dolls, such as two types of Moanas in various outfits, Pua the pig, and Heihei the Rooster (each additional doll is sold separately).
Who It’s For
These toys are great for kids who are fans of the film Moana. The soft Maui doll will encourage kids to roleplay and create their own adventurous stories or recreate scenes for the film. From Just Play, the doll is for ages 3 and up. The look of the doll is based off of his appearance in the film Moana, which was a box office success.
What To Be Aware Of
The Maui doll is nine inches tall and is very soft. He is fitted with his big signature hair, tattoos, and magical fish hook. To complete the soft Moana doll collection, other available dolls include Pua the pig, Heihei the rooster, and two different Moanas dressed in her everyday wear, or a celebration outfit. Each doll is sold separately.
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