Disney Moana Heihei Plush Review (Just Play)

Disney Moana Heihei Plush
What It Is

Part of a set of soft Disney's Moana dolls in various dresses (each of these are sold separately), this nine-inch doll of Heihei the rooster features bright colors and crazy eyes that make his look complete. 

The adorable yet oblivious rooster, Heihei is constantly getting himself into trouble and oftentimes, complicates Moana's journey. Heihei's antics are hilarious as he never notices just how much of a nuisance he can be. Throughout the film, Heihei's simple mind places the gang in dangerous situations which help further the plot. You might say Heihei is the necessary comic relief that holds the group together.

Is It Fun?
This 10-inch Heihei doll is super soft and his bright and colorful feathers complete his cute look. With this doll, kids can roleplay or snuggle with Heihei. To add to the roleplay and creative play, kids can collect all the additional Moana dolls, such as the demigod Maui, Pua the pig, and two different Moana dolls in different outfits (each additional doll is sold separately).
Who It’s For

These toys are great for kids who are fans of the film Moana. The soft Heihei doll will encourage kids to roleplay and create their own adventurous stories or recreate scenes for the film. From Just Play, the doll is for ages 3 and up. The look of the doll is based off of his colorful appearance in the film Moana, which was a box office success.

What To Be Aware Of
The Heihei doll is 10 inches tall and is very soft. He's brightly colored and the doll captures Heihei's simple yet adorable design. To complete the soft Moana doll collection, other available dolls include Maui, Pua the pig, Heihei the rooster, and two different Moanas in varying outfits.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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