Disney Moana Talking Maui Review (Just Play)

Disney Moana Talking Maui
What It Is
The movie might be called Moana, but one of the movie's stars is definitely Maui. Bring this demigod character to life through a soft and cuddly toy version with the Disney Moana Talking Maui doll from Just Play. This toy, which stands about 15.5 inches tall, looks like the animated character from the movie with all of Maui's detailed tattoos, an embroidered bone necklace around its neck, a fabric grass skirt, and a soft fish hook. This Maui even has soft, curly hair just like in the movie. When you press Maui's left hand, you'll hear the toy say five different movie phrases and sound effects, such as “We sail,” “Let me show you how it's really done,” and “Of course, of course. Yes, yes, yes. Where are my manners? Maui always has time for his fans.”
Is It Fun?
Even with the battery pack inside this toy, Talking Maui is still soft and cuddly. Fans of the movie Moana will like being able to give lots of hugs to one of their favorite characters and take Maui on all sorts of adventures, whether playing out what they saw in the movie or making up their own stories. The character sound effects and phrases help bring the character of Maui to life to enhance kids' roleplay. But hugging Maui isn't only for playtime. Kids will like that they can cuddle up with Maui at bedtime and naptime, too.
Who It’s For
The Disney Moana Talking Maui is for ages 3 and up. It will appeal to fans of the Disney movie Moana who are also fans of the character Maui. Those kids will like hearing Maui's phrases and cuddling up with this soft toy version of the character through play. It's also fun for kids who like imaginative play.
What To Be Aware Of
This Disney Moana Talking Maui comes with three button cell batteries that power the in-store try-me features. It's recommended that you replace them before you play for best results.
  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility

    3 cell batteries required