Chewish Treats Review (Copa Judaica)

Chewish Treats
What It Is
Chewish Treats from Copa Judaica are stuffed plush dog toys perfect for gift giving to Jewish Pet Parents for the Holidays. Just in time for Channukah is the Menorah, the Dreidel and Channukah Gelt. For the rest of the year there are small animals with your favorite Yiddish terms such as "Yenta," "Zaftig," a "Baa Mitzvah" sheep, and "Alter Kaker." There's even a rope and bone tug toy marked as being Kosher (Spoiler alert, these toys aren't really Kosher)! They are also not durable so don't expect them to last very long. They are made simply for fun and will certainly provide smiles to your Chewish friends and family.  
Is It Fun?
Anytime a playful pooch gets the go-ahead to tear a toy apart it's fun, but these Chewish Treats have their own brand of humor. Bringing them to Jewish friends or family members that have a dog during the holidays will be an unexpected joy and brings smiles to their faces.
Who It’s For
Chewish Treats are for any dog or pet parent but these are designed especially for those that are Jewish. 
What To Be Aware Of
These toys are not Kosher. The Channukah toys will not last for eight crazy nights. They are not very durable and will likely be torn apart quickly so be sure to monitor your pooches play and remove the toy once it becomes damaged. 
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