Shimmer and Shine Shrinky Dinks Review (Alex)

Shimmer and Shine Shrinky Dinks
What It Is

The Shimmer and Shine Shrinky Dinks Activity Set from Alex includes 12 Shrinky Dinks, six colored pencils a keyring, chain, and three jump rings, 12 stands, and instructions. The 12 Shrinky Dinks feature favorite characters Shimmer, Shine, Nahal, Tala, and different gems from the Nickelodeon animated series for kids to color with colored pencils. Then with the help of an adult, place the colored Shrinky Dinks in a preheated toaster oven or regular oven at 325 degrees. Bake for 1-3 minutes and watch as they shrink and harden into tiny pieces of art. They curl up for a couple seconds but once they lay flat again, bake for another 30 seconds, then remove from the oven. Once they cool off, kids can make a keychain or place them in the stands for imaginative play or display. 

Is It Fun?

Parents who were children of the 80s may remember playing with Shrinky Dinks as children, themselves, and can share the experience with their own children. These Shimmer and Shine Shrinky Dinks have a modern twist as they feature characters and themed pieces from the Nick Jr. series about the adventures and misadventures of twin genies in training, Shimmer and Shine. They offer creative play with a cool, almost scientific element. After kids color the designs, they are placed in the oven, and shrink as they bake. It only takes a couple of minutes too so there is no real wait time for kids to lose interest, or patience. It's a fun activity for fans to get creative, and play with favorite characters, and comes with everything kids need except for the oven. Parents will appreciate how easy and mess free it is as well.

Who It’s For

The Shimmer and Shine Shrinky Dinks Activity Set is for kids ages 5 and up. This set would be most fun for Shimmer and Shine fans. Since they do need to baked in an oven, adult assistance is necessary but only for a couple minutes. 

What To Be Aware Of

Since an oven is required, adult assistance is needed. To bake and shrink the Shrinky Dinks, preheat toaster or regular oven to 325 degrees. Color Shrinky Dinks using the included color pencils. Line a baking sheet with non-stick aluminum foil or parchment paper. Arrange designs, colored side up, on sheet about 3-inches apart. Then with the help of an adult, place the tray in the preheated oven. Bake for 1-3 minutes. At first, they will curl up. Once they flatten out again, bake for another 30 seconds. Now, they are done. Carefully remove from the oven. Wait until they cool before handling, placing on stand, or making a keychain.

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