Peanuts Series 1 Collectible Mini-Figures Review (Just Play)

Peanuts Series 1 Collectible Mini-Figures
What It Is
Collect some of your favorite Peanuts characters in a cute and miniature form with the Peanuts Series 1 Collectible Mini-Figures. There are 13 figures to collect in series 1, and each figure is packaged in a blind bag, which means you won't know what character you're getting until you open the bag. Will it be Flying Ace, Peppermint Patty, Sally, Pigpen, Franklin, The World Famous Author, Schroeder, Marcie, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, or the rare Snoopy figure? Each figure is about two inches tall and stands on its own. And each one is sold separately.
Is It Fun?
These collectible figures will be a lot of fun for Peanuts fans of all ages to collect for displaying or playing. Kids will like the surprise of not knowing which figure they're getting until they open the bag, and everyone will want to be on the hunt for that elusive Snoopy figure. Each figure does a good job of capturing its character's personality, and fans will enjoy seeing Peppermint Patty talking on the phone, Linus cuddling with his blanket, and Charlie Brown trying to play baseball.
Who It’s For
The Peanuts Series 1 Collectible Mini-Figures are for ages 3 and up. Young Peanuts fans will like collecting all of these figures to play out scenes that they've seen in Peanuts TV specials or from The Peanuts Movie, while older fans will just like seeing some of their favorite characters in this small format, perfect for keeping out on display in a Peanuts collection.
What To Be Aware Of
These figures do not come with collector's guides as most mini collectibles do, but you can see all the figures available on the back of each bag and save the bag to mark off which figures you've got.
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