PJ Masks 7 Wood Puzzles Review (Cardinal Games)

PJ Masks 7 Wood Puzzles
What It Is

PJ Masks fans can assemble all their favorite heroes with the PJ Masks 7 Wood Puzzles set. This comes with seven puzzles that all store neatly inside one wooden storage box. There are three 12-piece puzzles, three 16-piece puzzles, and one 24-piece puzzle. All of the puzzles feature the nighttime superheroes Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette, with the exception of one puzzle that features Connor, Greg, and Amaya when they are just everyday kids during the day before they activate their bracelets, which link into their pajamas, and turn into their superhero identities.

The puzzle pieces are all numbered to make it easy for kids to know which piece goes with which puzzle, especially after all the puzzle pieces get mixed up inside the storage box. And the wooden puzzles are very sturdy once put together.

Is It Fun?
Preschool PJ Masks fans will have fun putting together these puzzles and watching the pictures of their favorite TV characters come together with each puzzle piece they add. The puzzle pieces fit together easily, and the puzzles are very sturdy. These are good-quality puzzles that kids will enjoy playing with over and over again. We especially like the storage box, and parents will, too, because it's a really nice way to keep all of the puzzle pieces together and the image on the front of the box makes it nice for keeping out on display.
Who It’s For
The PJ Masks 7 Wood Puzzles set is for ages 3 and up. These puzzles are going to appeal to preschoolers who enjoy putting together puzzles and who enjoy watching the Disney Junior show PJ Masks. They'll have fun putting together puzzles of some of their favorite TV characters.
What To Be Aware Of

It took us 15 minutes to put together all seven puzzles. It was easy to do, but it could be more challenging for preschoolers. Luckily, putting together the puzzles is all part of the fun and play.

The puzzles come in a variety of sizes. One is 13.4 inches by 8.3 inches, two are 13.4 inches by 4.1 inches, two are 6.6 inches by 8.3 inches, one is 8.7 inches by 8.3 inches, and one is 4.6 inches by 8.3 inches.

This puzzle set is available exclusively at Toys “R” Us.

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