iFetch Frenzy Review (iFetch)

iFetch Frenzy
What It Is
The iFetch Frenzy is a dog toy that releases a mini tennis ball from one of three exit ports via gravity. You place the ball into the loading area, it funnels down into the unit and randomly pops out of one of the three exit holes. Your furry pal should enjoy trying to guess where the ball will emerge from, but after a while and some training help from you, he may actually begin to drop the balls in himself. We think the Frenzy is designed primarily for indoor play for smaller dogs given the size of the balls and distance they travel. The balls do not roll very far when they exit the unit. Your dog will have to chase it, say at the most, 4 to 6 feet depending on the surface. One advantage that the I Fetch Frenzy has is that it need not be plugged in order for it to work, making it very portable. You can move it from room to room or take it outside on a hard level surface without worrying about needing an outlet or batteries.
Is It Fun?
Smaller dogs who like to fetch will likely enjoy trying to anticipate which of the 3 shoots the ball will come out of and then hunting it down for repeat play. After some training, dogs can actually operate the Frenzy themselves by dropping the ball into the unit. 
Who It’s For
We feel that the iFetch Frenzy is for smaller dogs who enjoy fetching. Also, dogs that can be trained easily can eventually learn to play by themselves after some training. The Frenzy is also good for older Pet Parents that may not be able to go outside for a game of fetch because of physical ailments. Indoor play is better than no play at all.
What To Be Aware Of
The iFetch Frenzy doesn't require batteries, it work on gravity. Also the Frenzy is a little top heavy so if your dog gets impatient, you find yourself having to set it upright again. The balls are very small and do not travel far which is the reason we're inclined to recommend this for small dogs only. 

However, with this in mind we're not sure that simply rolling a ball couldn't be just as effective and engaging for play and easier on your wallet. 

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