Pokemon Online Exclusive Charmander Set Review (Build-A-Bear Workshop)

Pokemon Online Exclusive Charmander Set
What It Is

Choose a cuddly Charmander to add to your Pokémon collections with the Pokémon Online Exclusive Charmander Set. This is a Build-A-Bear Workshop online exclusive set. It includes a cuddly Charmander plush, a Charmander sound effects sound chip in its hand, a Great Ball hoodie, a Lucario hoodie, and a Build-A-Bear Workshop exclusive Pokémon trading card game Charmander card.

The Charmander plush has fabric claws on its feet, fabric teeth in its open mouth, and a long tail with fuzzy red-and-yellow ball at the end. On Charmander's left hand, you'll find the Build-A-Bear Workshop logo. The Great Ball hoodie is styled to look like a Pokéball, with a blue hood that can be worn over Charmander's head. And the Lucario hoodie is designed to look like the Pokémon character, complete with a character-styled hood. 

The Charmander plush and Great Ball hoodie are available at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores, but you can only get the Lucario hoodie and sound chip through the online exclusive set.

Is It Fun?
This cool stuffed animal bundle is going to be a must-have for any young Pokémon trainer (or older Pokémon trainer). It comes with so much, and kids will really like the special exclusives, such as the sound chip and the Lucario hoodie that are only available online. And the exclusive Pokémon trading card will make a wonderful addition to any Pokémon fan's TCG card deck. This Charmander is a super cuddly version of the Pokémon character, one that kids will enjoy giving lots of hugs to when they're not going off on all sorts of Pokémon adventures with this cute toy.
Who It’s For
The Pokémon Online Exclusive Charmander Set is for Pokémon fans ages 3 and up. This is going to be a fun way for Pokémon trainers to collect a favorite Pokémon character. Kids who like stuffed animals and Pokémon will really like all that this exclusive set has to offer, and we think that even some older Pokémon fans will enjoy collecting this cute and cuddly plush toy, too.
What To Be Aware Of

The Pokémon Online Exclusive Charmander Set is available only online at www.buildabear.com. However, in Build-A-Bear stores, kids can build their own Charmander plush ($28) decked out in the Great Ball hoodie ($12.50). The Charmander Pokémon TCG card comes with it. The Lucario hoodie and sound chip are not available in stores.

Charmander is only the third Pokémon character to be offered in plush form at Build-A-Bear Workshop. The other two were Pikachu and Eevee.

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