Star Wars Deluxe Remote Control BB-8 Review (shopDisney)

Star Wars Deluxe Remote Control BB-8
What It Is

BB-8 will follow you into any battle when you play with the Star Wars The Force Awakens Deluxe Remote Control BB-8. This 6.5-inch tall toy version of the new droid character from last year's Star Wars The Force Awakens movie features movie-authentic movements and follows your commands with a remote control that lights up. The remote also doubles as a base. 

There are actually three pieces to this toy: the remote control/base, the body of BB-8, and BB-8's head. There's an on/off switch on the remote and an on/off switch in the gyroscope inside BB-8's body. To access that switch, just twist the two halves of BB-8's body until they come apart. BB-8's head sticks to the body via a built-in magnet.

Using the remote, you can send BB-8 moving forward or backward. There are also two arrow buttons that spin BB-8's head left and right. And there is one button that activates BB-8 sound effects when pressed.

Is It Fun?

For the somewhat high price point of this toy, we sort of expected this to perform a little better than it did. The head of BB-8 attaches to the body via a built-in magnet, and sometimes, after playing with the toy for a few minutes, the head would fall off, and then it was hard to find where the magnet was again to stick the head back on. And sometimes the remote would lose connection with BB-8, and that was frustrating. That said, it's pretty easy to operate this R/C droid, though younger kids may need help from an adult and adults may be disappointed in the performance. 

However, Star Wars fans of all ages will like the movie-realistic movements of this toy version of BB-8. When its head stays on, it really does move just like the character in The Force Awakens. And when kept on its remote control base when not in use, it looks really nice as a display piece, perfect for any Star Wars fan's room.

Who It’s For
The Star Wars The Force Awakens Deluxe Remote Control BB-8 is for ages 3 and up. Star Wars fans who are really into the new droid character from The Force Awakens will really like bringing that character to life through this toy version. Fans will like the realistic movements and sound effects, making this a good toy for imaginative kids who want to play out movie scenes as well as older fans looking to add to their Star Wars collections.
What To Be Aware Of

The BB-8 unit includes four AA batteries, and the remote includes two AAA batteries. After about one minute of inactivity, BB-8 will go to sleep in order to preserve battery life.

We had some performance issues with our BB-8. The head easily fell off, and sometimes the remote lost connection with BB-8, even with a fresh change of batteries. There were no troubleshooting steps on the instruction sheet.

This toy is available exclusively at the Disney Store.

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    4 AA & 2 AAA batteries required