Jenga XL Review (Hasbro)

Jenga XL
What It Is
Supersize the skill-and-action gameplay of Jenga with the new Jenga XL. This much larger version of the classic game is three times bigger than classic Jenga with a tower made up of foldable cardboard blocks measuring three inches by three inches by nine inches. That means you're going to have bigger tower topples. Just like in the original game, the object is to remove blocks from the middle of the tower and stack them on the top of the tower. The last player to stack a block without causing the tower to topple wins. In this version, you can use two hands to remove a block from any row except the top. Once you've removed the block, place it on the top of the tower and count to five to see if the tower topples. If the tower stays up, it's the next player's turn. 
Is It Fun?
Because this game is bigger, it's going to be easier for younger kids to play the classic game of Jenga, so this is really a game that the whole family can play together. Plus, kids will like playing with a Jenga tower that is almost as tall as they are! And the fact that the tower is so tall means that players must stand up and play, moving around the tower to find just the right block and staying a little active while playing. Kids are really going to like the large size of this game because it's just funny to see a giant Jenga tower, but even adults who enjoy playing the classic game of Jenga will enjoy playing the game in this new, larger way.
Who It’s For
Jenga XL is for one or more players ages 4 and up. This game is going to be fun for anyone who enjoys playing the original Jenga, but the larger size is going to make playing the game really fun for kids. And the larger size means that the game can be played by younger kids, unlike the original Jenga game.
What To Be Aware Of

The first time you play Jenga XL, you will need to assemble all 30 of the cardboard blocks.

This game is available exclusively at Toys “R” Us.

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