Despicable Me Pie Face! Review (Hasbro)

Despicable Me Pie Face!
What It Is

If the suspense of getting hit in the face with whipped cream in the original Pie Face game isn't enough for you, then try it while pretending to be a minion. That's the premise behind the new Despicable Me Minion Made Pie Face! game. It plays the same as the original Pie Face!, only this time, you're putting your face through a minion-shaped mask. You'll need to provide your own whipped cream to place on the game's hand, or you can wet the included sponge and put that on the throwing arm so you get splashed in the face with water instead of whipped cream. (But we think playing with whipped cream is more fun--and messier!)

Once you have the game mechanism set up, players take turns spinning the spinner to see how many times they must turn the handles. Place your face through the mask and turn the handles forward the required number of clicks. If you don't get hit in the face, you score double the points you spun. But if you do get hit with the whipped cream, you score no points. 

In this game you can elect to turn the handles fewer times than you've spun. But if you do and you don't get pie in the face, then you only score one point for each time you turned the handles. 

And if you spin the yellow banana space, go bananas and choose another player to slide his head through the mask instead of you. That player must turn the handles three times, and if they don't get hit, you score six points and they score nothing. 

The first player to 25 points wins!

Is It Fun?
This adds some cute characters to the funny pie-throwing game, so it's going to be most fun for kids who like the Despicable Me minions, whether or not they've played the original Pie Face game. This is a silly and messy game that the whole family can play. As much as you don't want to get whipped cream in your face so you can score more points, at the same time you kind of do want to get pied because that's all part of the fun! And if you like eating whipped cream, it makes the game a little tastier.
Who It’s For
The Despicable Me Minion Made Pie Face! game is for two or more players ages 5 and up. If you liked the original Pie Face game and you happen to be a fan of the minions, then we think you'll like the silliness and messiness of this new version of the pie-throwing game. You do have to be willing to get a little messy to play, though.
What To Be Aware Of

The Despicable Me Minion Made Pie Face! game comes with a pie thrower, a throwing arm, two handles, a chin rest, a Minion splash-card mask, a spinner, and a sponge.

Don't fill the throwing arm with too much whipped cream or it won't perform as well. You might have to experiment until you find just the right amount of whipped cream to get a good pie in the face.

Make sure you clean and dry all the game components after playing.

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