Power Wheels Wild Thing Review (Fisher-Price)

Power Wheels Wild Thing
What It Is

Kids will love taking the Power Wheels Wild Thing for a spin. That's because this battery-powered ride-on has 360-degree spinning action. Using the ride-on's dual joysticks, kids can steer the Wild Thing forward, backward, and spin around in a circle. But don't worry about taking spins or curves too tightly, its built-in stability sensor helps prevent tipping over. The Wild Thing can drive up to five miles per hour going forward and up to three miles per hour in reverse. There are actually four forward speed settings, and parents can control what speed kids go thanks to the vehicle's Smart Drive located underneath the seat. Choose from two, three, four, or five miles per hour. This helps to ensure that kids can master the controls before they end up going too fast.

Along with its cool spinning action, the Wild Thing has an extra-wide seat and an open metal structure that give it a cool look. It also has large rugged tires that can go on pavement or grass, perfect for letting kids go “off-road.”

Is It Fun?
Kids are going to have a blast spinning around and around on the Wild Thing. This is a very cool Power Wheels vehicle from its rugged look to its exciting spin feature (It also comes in an awesome-looking box). Kids will like that they can take this on the driveway, sidewalk, and the grass for a fun off-road experience. Parents will like that they can control the speed to let kids practice riding the Wild Thing at the lowest speed setting and gradually work their way up to riding at top speed as they become more comfortable controlling the vehicle.
Who It’s For
The Power Wheels Wild Thing is for ages 5–10. It has a 100-pound weight limit and we think kids should only operate the Wild Thing under adult supervision.
What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required, but it is easy to do. You will need a Phillips screwdriver, which is not included.

The Wild Thing runs on a rechargeable 12-volt battery. It comes with a charger that plugs into a wall outlet and it needs to be charged for 18 hours before first use. After that, you can charge it for at least 14 hours per use of the vehicle. The Power Wheels Wild Thing is available in orange or pink.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    1 12-volt battery required