Neater Scooper Review (Neater Pet Brands)

Neater Scooper
What It Is
Tired of litter getting everywhere during the scooping process? The Neater Scooper by Neater Pet Brands is a litter scoop that is designed to create a more sanitary way of scooping litter from the litter box. The Neater Scooper's attached waste bin & clever trap door design, makes cleaning the litter box a whole lot easier and eliminates the spillage that can happen with a regular scoop and plastic bag. Scooping & bagging is combined into a quick, easy, one hand operation. Just scoop, lift, and toss and there's no more spilled litter. This product helps to eliminate touching soiled bags which makes the scooping process more sanitary. The Neater Scooper includes 15 scented bags with tie handles to seal in odor. The Neater Scooper can be placed upside down in bin for storage out of sight and self-contained. The Neater Scooper is made in the USA.
Why Is It Useful?

The Neater Scooper cat litter scoop puts the fun in functional. If you don't like things getting messy when you're cleaning out the litter box then you may find the Neater Scooper to be a great product for you. It's great because it's easy to use and it really does make the clean up process a little bit easier as a whole. It's functional and comes in an assortment of colors. I also like the fun bags it comes with to make the clean up process quick and easy. They have a cute little storage container that's easy to use and makes it easy to pull the bags right out!

Who It’s For
Tidy cats not keeping your home tidy enough? Then the Neater Scooper cat litter scoop is for you. The Neater Scooper is great for anyone that doesn't like the excess litter that goes everywhere when you are cleaning out a litter box with a standard litter scoop. It helps eliminate any litter scattering around when trying to get the litter scooped into a bag. It's great for anyone who might be a germophobe and doesn't want to risk having to tie a bag that might have gotten contaminated during the scooping process. It's easy to store and can make the litter scooping process a little bit more bearable.
What To Be Aware Of
The Neater Scooper by Neater Pet Brands is easy to use but I personally don't think it would be a great product for cleaning out litter boxes with multiple pets. I found the storage container to be quite small and would fill up quickly when cleaning out the litter box. The Neater Scooper comes with 15 scented bags. Additional litter bags are sold separately.
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