Waterbabies Bathtime Fun Froggy Brown Eyes Review (Just Play)

Waterbabies Bathtime Fun Froggy Brown Eyes
What It Is

Bring fun to bathtime with new Waterbabies Bathtime Fun dolls! The classic Waterbabies baby dolls that you fill with water to get a realistic baby feel are celebrating their 25th anniversary. And the new Bathtime Fun dolls bring back the classic play of Waterbabies. Simply fill the doll with lukewarm water using the included funnel placed into the plug opening on the doll's back. (Parents will have to help with this step.) Once the plug is closed tightly, kids can play with their Waterbabies doll and not worry about water leaking out. And because the doll is filled with water, it will move, wiggle, and feel like a real baby as kids play.

Each of these Waterbabies Bathtime Fun dolls wears a removable fabric diaper and comes with a hooded towel in either a frog or a duck style, a frog or duck ring that really floats in water, and two water squirters shaped as either lilypads for the doll with the frog accessories or rubber ducks for the doll with the duck accessories.

The dolls are also available in different skin tones and with different eye colors, and each one is sold separately.

Is It Fun?
Because these dolls are all about bathtime with accessories that really float in water, they will be a fun addition to a child's own bathtime for lots of imaginative play while getting cleaned up. Playing with the dolls might even entice reluctant bathers to get squeaky clean in the tub just like their baby doll. Little kids who like playing with baby dolls will like the realistic weighted feel of the Waterbabies, and parents will appreciate that it isn't hard to fill the dolls with water. Plus, the dolls don't leak as kids play with them, which is something that kids and parents will like. 
Who It’s For
Waterbabies Bathtime Fun Froggy Brown Eyes is for ages 3 and up. Kids who like playing with baby dolls and engaging in imaginative play will like playing with this water-filled doll. However, kids will need adult assistance to fill the Waterbabies doll with water.
What To Be Aware Of

Only use lukewarm water to fill up the baby doll because using hot water may cause a burn injury and/or damage the baby doll.

These Waterbabies dolls have been treated with a safe antibacterial agent, however, it is still recommended that you change the water once a week.

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