Trolls Pillow Pets Guy Diamond Review (Pillow Pets)

Trolls Pillow Pets Guy Diamond
What It Is
Combining your love for Dreamwork's Trolls and the perfect comfy companions known as Pillow Pets, we have a Trolls-themed Pillow Pet modeled after one of the film's characters, the life of the party, Guy Diamond. The lone naked troll Pillow Pet is a light lavender and blue with glitter. A bright green nose and silly face keep him in character. He's always getting in the middle of things because he loves being the center of attention - and certainly isn't shy about letting everyone know he's around. This super soft Pillow Pet is made from soft chenille and is great for cuddling. 
Is It Fun?
This is a super cozy display that's sure to provide maximum comfort and add some style to your bed or couch as the Guy Diamond Pillow Pet's cool design will stand out from ordinary pillows and stuffed animals. To transform your "pet" into a pillow, simply release the Velcro. These are great for taking along on road trips, sleepovers, and airplane rides. Kids will also love collecting these pillow pets and displaying them on their beds. It will also inspire some charming and unique forms of creative play, and even some roleplay as well. As the slogan reminds us, Pillow Pets are pillows and pets in one.
Who It’s For
Pillow Pets are great for take-along play and are also cuddly enough help you and your kids sleep during travel, or anywhere else for that matter. These are for ages 3 and up. Fans of the Trolls film and Pillow Pets enthusiasts are going to thoroughly enjoy cuddling up with this pillow or displaying it on their bed or couch, as Pillow Pets can also make for great decorative pieces. This will even appeal to people looking to make their homes pop with some interesting pillow décor.
What To Be Aware Of
All of these Trolls Pillow Pets have signature fluffy troll hair and ears, and can be spot-cleaned only. They are all based on the characters from the Dreamwork's Trolls movie. The Trolls Guy Diamond Pillow Pet is a glittery lavender and blue. The Trolls Pillow Pets, Branch, Poppy, and Guy Diamond are each sold separately. Each Pillow Pet is made from a soft chenille fabric that adds to the overall comfort and huggability of these funky twists on pillows.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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