Ask Bubbe Review (Monkeybar)

Ask Bubbe
What It Is

First there was The Mensch on the Bench, then there was Hannah the Hannukah hero. Now, there's a brand new soft doll from Monkeybar (the makers of the mensch on the bench), it's Ask Bubbe, the taking Jewish Grandmother doll! Oy vey, we kid you not! Bubbe says 12 different phrases including “Oy vey,” “Sure, but after some matzo ball soup,” and some Yiddish. It's a soft doll and the sound is very good. We wish it were a little clearer but you can make it out. All you have to do is press her hand and she'll say one of the 12 different phrases. 

Is It Fun?
Akin to a comical doll version of the classic Magic 8-Ball, Ask Bubbe's phrases are meant to be said in response to any of your crazy questions. This doll is hilarious and will have you laughing every time you play with it. This is best for showing off to house guests to see everyone's reaction. Bubbe's also very soft and her design captures the charm of an adorable little old lady. At first you'll be charmed and curious, then you'll be cracking up when you hear what she has to say.
Who It’s For

This toy is age-graded 3 and up, so everybody can have their Jewish grandmother home for the holidays! It's soft and cuddly enough for kids, and more than funny enough to entertain adults, so Ask Bubbe is easily a win-win for the family. Even if you're not Jewish, Bubbe is still a very entertaining doll to have around the house. To pass the time, everyone can pass Bubbe around and ask her questions to see how funny her responses will be.

What To Be Aware Of
Ask Bubbe is from Monkeybar, who you might know as the makers of The Mensch on the Bensch and Hannah the Hannukah Hero. She says 12 different phrases that will make you bowl over with laughter when you squeeze her hand. The sound quality is good but it could be a little more clear, although we maybe nit-picking a bit with that. Ask Bubbe is a very soft doll that really captures the spirit of a charming Jewish grandmother that everyone will love. 
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