Skylanders Imaginators Air Creation Crystal Review (Activision)

Skylanders Imaginators Air Creation Crystal
What It Is

The 2016 edition of the popular Skylanders series, called Skylanders Imaginators, allows players to create their own, unique Skylanders characters. Those characters then go from the video game into a real world toy, called a Creation Crystal.  The Skylanders Imaginators Creation Crystal Air element, from Activision, is the toy Creation Crystal that allows players to create their own highly customizable Skylanders game characters. Those created characters are then saved to the Air Creation Crystal, which becomes the toy version of the character itself. Any character that a player creates and saves to a Crystal, can be leveled up by playing as the character in the Skylanders Imaginators video game.  In the game, the character's abilities can be upgraded using coins found throughout the game levels. All leveling up and upgrades are stored directly on the character's toy Creation Crystal. Each Crystal features a familiar Skylanders element, such as Air, and a character saved to the crystal will be assigned to that element, which affects what they can do in the game. Placing a Creation Crystal on the game's Portal of Power, opens the creator area, where players start by selecting a battle class for their character. From there, you move onto the customizing area, that offers countless options for creating truly customized Skylanders characters. The main menu includes Look, Powers, and Personality, and each has additional sub menus within them.

Is It Fun?
Creating Skylanders is the cornerstone of Imaginators, and what makes the game so much fun. The game has an incredibly large library of objects and items for customizing those characters so players can get as creative, wacky, or functional as they want. The ability to save the character to the Air Creation Crystal means players can take their character to a friend's house, who has the game, and show off their Air Element Skylanders creations. 
Who It’s For
Skylanders Air Creation Crystal is for players of the video game, Skylanders Imaginators, ages 6 and up. The game itself is rated E10+, but is suitably for younger players. 
What To Be Aware Of

Without the game, the crystals are just interesting looking objects, so you might want to get the game, which is sold in a starter pack with the portal of power, first.  

Additional Creation Crystals, for other Skylanders Elements, including Earth element, Life element, and Water element, are also available. Additional Creation Crystals are sold separately.  

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