Foodoo High Chair Review (Joovy)

Foodoo High Chair
What It Is

Here we have the Joovy Foodoo, a great new high chair from Joovy that is newborn-ready. Yes parents, you can place your newborns in this high chair, eliminating the need for extra baby gear. The Foodoo allows parents to have their newborn with them in the kitchen, the dining table, or just about anywhere. This high chair grows with your child up to 50 pounds. There are lots of great features that this high chair has, so let's get started. 

Since you can have a newborn in this chair, one very essential feature is the height adjustment. Parents can keep baby higher up when in the kitchen, or lower down when on a couch or dinner table. The recline of the soft cushy seat is what helps keep a newborn in, but is also very comfortable for growing kids. The standard recline has five positions and the full-recline is great for sleeping babies. The deluxe leatherette seat is of a high back and deep design to provide support for babies and toddlers. An adjustable tray can be moved around or removed with one hand, and the tray insert is dishwasher safe. Two rubber front wheels help move this seat from room to room. The entire seat and tray is very easy to wipe down for a quick clean. 

Why Is It Useful?
The Joovy Foodoo is great because it keeps newborns secure for mealtimes and is comfortable for them as well. Its wide variety of features is also one of the great concepts that help the Foodoo stand out from other high chairs. The various reclines will help it grow with baby and the tray and wheels make it very easy to clean and move around the house.
Who It’s For
The Joovy Foodoo is for use with newborns up to 50 pounds. Babies will enjoy the comfort and parents will appreciate the fact that it's ready for newborns to sleep, eat, and play in. This is especially helpful during home cleaning as it will keep baby away so you can clean up easier and get back to your little one quicker.
What To Be Aware Of
Overall, we love this high chair because it has a really great sleek look and is easy to clean. The most significant detail Is that the seat reclines to accommodate your newborn. This is very helpful for parents because it gives them a hands-free moment while still having baby nearby. The Joovy Foodoo comes in various colors.
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