Despicable Me Stuart Cam HD Wifi Video Camera Review (Tend Insights)

Despicable Me Stuart Cam HD Wifi Video Camera
What It Is

The Stuart Cam, from Tend Insights, is a high definition WiFi camera that you use with along with the free Tend app available in either IOS or android format. After downloading the app and connecting Stuart to a power source proceed with the set-up instructions. After set-up you will be able to view your pets at home from wherever you are. Stuart is capable of recording motion-triggered events which you can view later in a shareable highlight reel and he can pan the view horizontally. Stuart can also record in night-vision which comes on automatically when the light level is low. You can speak to your pet directly since Stuart has sound and voice capabilities. This could come in handy should your pet misbehave and you catch him in the act. Stuart is not as sophisticated as say the Kodak HD Video Cam for Pets from Tend or other WiFi video cameras on the market that may rotate or zoom but that should not deter you from giving Stuart a try. He is very cute, reasonably priced, the tend app is easy to manage and you do get a quality video image and for nervous pet parents that stress out over leaving their pets even for a short time. For most pet parents that is enough.

Why Is It Useful?

The Stuart Cam is useful because it allows you to keep an eye on your pride and joy while you're gone. This can be especially useful if your pet happens to be sick or injured and no one is home to keep an eye on them. You can share the highlight reels with your friends and family. And they don't say so but you could use this as a security camera of sorts.

Who It’s For

The Stuart Cam is for any pet parent that feels the need to check in on their dogs or cats while they are away. This can be especially comforting for pet parents that work all day.

What To Be Aware Of

The Stuart Cam only works with the Tend app which needs to be downloaded. You can upgrade your service with Tend for a fee in order to eliminate false motion alerts. The free cloud service is only for 24 hrs. You can upgrade this as well for an additional fee.

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