Chill Monster Mixter Review (Build-A-Bear Workshop)

Chill Monster Mixter
What It Is

Have some wintry fun with a snow monster of your own creation with Chill Monster Mixter. This stuffed animal is part of Build-A-Bear Workshop's Monster Mixters line, which lets kids build their own furry monster friend by picking a body, legs, and arms for mix and match creation. There are even accessories that kids can add to their monster, such as hands and feet. 

The process is simple. If you want to build a Chill Monster Mixter, you pick the Chill Monster body and then select which colorful legs and arms you want your monster to have. The Chill Monster Mixter in the video review has blue legs with grey arms. Then you can choose hands, feet, and wings to add to your Mixter. TTPM's Mixter has furry hands and soft white feet. The accessories are sold separately.

Is It Fun?

This offers a fun new in-store play experience at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores where kids get to do more than just pick what character they want to stuff. Kids are really going to like customizing a furry monster friend from head to toe for lots of cuddling, snuggling, and wintertime fun. The finished Chill Monster Mixter is very soft, and with its snow white coloring, it makes a fun stuffed animal for kids to play with around the winter and holiday season. But of course, it's a monster, which means that kids can also play with it in spring, summer, and fall, going on lots of imaginative adventures with their unique monster friend all year long.

Who It’s For
The Chill Monster Mixter is for ages 3 and up. Kids who like stuffed animals will like cuddling up with this soft and furry monster friend. Plus, kids will like that they get to build the Chill Monster Mixter by picking the body, legs, arms, and accessories. This soft stuffed animal will be fun for lots of wintry snuggles and imaginative play adventures all year long.
What To Be Aware Of

For the body, arms, and legs, each Mixter is $25. The accessories are sold separately for five dollars each. There are two other Monster Mixters body to choose from as well.

The Chill Monster Mixter can be built online at or at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores.

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