Pinocchio Wall Decals Review (RoomMates)

Pinocchio Wall Decals
What It Is

Let the wisdom of the classicDisneymovie Pinocchio be a constant reminder in your home with the Disney Pinocchio “Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide” quote Wall Decals. This comes with 10 self-adhesive, pre-cut, and reusable peel-and-stick wall decals so that you can stick the Blue Fairy's advice to “always let your conscience be your guide” onto your wall. Just peel the decals from the sheet and place them on your wall. For this set of decals, you'll need wall space measuring 36.6 inches tall and 37.8 inches wide. If you need to remove or reposition them, just slowly peel them off of the wall.

If you're going by the picture on the box, note that it only uses four of the decals. There will be six extra flourishes and a Pinocchio silhouette that you can place wherever you want around the main set of decals, or you can place the extras on a totally different wall or not place them anywhere at all.

Is It Fun?
These decals would make a wonderful addition to the décor of a baby's nursery, a guest bedroom, a hallway, an entryway, or any place that a Pinocchio fan would like to place them. It's easy to apply the decals to a wall, and you can always remove and place them somewhere else should the décor change. Wherever you choose to put them, it'll be sure to lift everyone's spirits and continue to spread the film's positive message.
Who It’s For
The Disney Pinocchio “Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide” Quote Wall Decals are not toys and should not be used by children under the age of 3. This wall decal quote would make a nice addition to a child's bedroom décor, but even adults might like placing this sentiment in a guest bedroom, hallway, or other location in their home.
What To Be Aware Of
For best results, apply these decals onto smooth and clean surfaces. Do not apply onto freshly painted or papered walls. The Pinocchio Wall Decals capture the magical and memorable quote form the iconic disney film and will be a great addition an any home, pediatric office, daycare, or elementary school classroom.
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