SpacePop Stereo Headphones Review (eKids)

SpacePop Stereo Headphones
What It Is

Every SpacePOP star needs a good pair of SpacePOP headphones to listen in on. The SpacePOP Stereo Headphones from eKids is a pair of some sweet over the ear headphones with a SpacePOP theme for fans of the new YouTube channel series. The headphones feature a galactic purple and pink color scheme accented with stars and the SpacePOP pink planet logos on the ears. The earpieces are cushioned for comfortable wear and adjustable to fit your head. 

Is It Fun?
The SpacePOP Stereo Headphones have very high sound quality, especially for children's headphones. They can be adjusted by parents to control the levels, which is great for young ears. The stylish SpacePOP graphics look great and really help these headphones stand out from the rest. It also comes with a free digital download for a SpacePOP song, which fans of the show will enjoy.
Who It’s For
The SpacePOP Stereo headphones are for SpacePOP fans ages 3 and up and made by eKids. Parents will appreciate the volume limiter options so they can set their kids' listening levels accordingly. This will ensure that they don't overdo it when rocking out to their favorite SpacePOP tunes.
What To Be Aware Of
The headphones feature a built-in volume limiter which parents can set to limit the maximum volume level to provide a safe listening experience for kids. Located on the inner portion of the left ear cup, parents can set it to low, medium, or high. While the high setting is not recommended for the iOS or android devices, we found the volume changes to be pretty subtle when listening , so parents will still want to monitor their child's listening use. In general, if you can hear the volume outside the headphones, turn it down. Overall, we like the themed look and the clear sound quality that comes from these headphones. 

SpacePOP is about five teenage princesses that don secret rock star personas and form a band to start a revolution when the evil Empress Geela takes over their galaxy. Each princess has her own unique personality and plays their own instrument. Other SpacePOP products are available and are each sold separately.

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