SpacePOP MP3 Microphone Review (eKids)

SpacePOP MP3 Microphone
What It Is

Music will set you free with the new SpacePOP MP3 Microphone from eKids. This toy microphone features built-in music and sound effects that fans can rock out to from the show, which chronicles the adventures of five intergalactic princesses that form secret rock star identities and start a revolution with their music. To turn it on, simply flip the switch along the side of the mic, or press one of the four buttons. Press the sound effects button at the top to hear three different phrases from the show. The mic also features two original songs from the show, "Unstoppable" and "Turn Up The Music, Turn Down the Drama!" Kids can dance and sing along into the mic along with the whole SpacePOP crew as the music plays. Simply press and hold the mic button on the microphone to start singing. 

You can also flip the switch and connect your own MP3 player to the mic to play additional music from the SpacePOP album, or whatever your music-loving heart desires. 

The mic is also detailed with images of all four of the SpacePOP band mates, including Rhea, Luna, Athena, Juno, and Hera. 

Is It Fun?

Music plays a central role in the SpacePOP storyline, serving as the link between the pop princesses/rock stars in disguise. We like how this roleplay toy brings that key feature of the story to life for fans, and allows them to sing along as if they were fighting the evil Empress Geela through music right alongside their fellow SpacePOP girls.

Who It’s For
The SpacePOP MP3 Microphone from eKids is for ages 6 and up. It will appeal to fans of the new animated series, especially those that can't stop singing along to the show's catchy tunes and want to rock out just like the SpacePOP girls through imaginative roleplay.
What To Be Aware Of
Additional SpacePOP toys are also available and sold separately, including music toys and fashion dolls. 

Two AAA batteries are required. They are included for in-store "try-me" features. We suggest replacing them before use for the best performance.

The entire SpacePOP album is also available for purchase in the iTunes Apple Store.

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