Shopkins Shoppies Special Edition Gemma Stone Doll Review (Moose Toys)

Shopkins Shoppies Special Edition Gemma Stone Doll
What It Is

You can't get your hands on Gemma Stone, but you can add a Shoppies version of the Shopkins character to your collections with the Shopkins Shoppies Special Edition Gemma Stone doll. Based on the Gemma Stone Shopkin that sold for $21,500 at charity auction, this special edition doll has a gem printed around one eye and translucent purple shoes with gem heels. She wears an iridescent dress and a matching cape over it that has a fur trim. In her silvery hair, she wears a purple crown with pearl-like details. A purple clutch completes the look. The doll also comes with a doll stand and VIP card.

Along with the doll, you get four exclusive Shopkins, two of which are hidden in the packaging, so you won't know which ones you're getting until you open up the box. Will there be Diana Diamond, Sophie Sapphire, Allira Amethyst, Rosie Ruby, Emma Emerald, or the limited edition Opaletta?

Is It Fun?
There was only one Gemma Stone Shopkin made (the one sold at auction), so you can bet that Shopkins fans are going to go crazy for the Shoppies doll version of Gemma. Obviously, this one will not cost $21,500, but it will still be very high in demand and may even be difficult to find at stores because of its special-edition status and association with Gemma Stone. Shopkins fans young and old are definitely going to want to add this cool doll and the exclusive Shopkins that come with her to their collections.
Who It’s For
The Shopkins Shoppies Special Edition Gemma Stone is for ages 5 and up. It will appeal to Shopkins and Shoppies fans who will like adding this special doll and the included Shopkins to their collections. This also lets fans get a piece of the original Gemma Stone, the Shopkin that was auctioned off for charity, at a much more affordable price.
What To Be Aware Of

This doll is available exclusively at Walmart.

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