Snow Leopard Review (Aurora World)

Snow Leopard
What It Is
Aurora's Snow Leopard plush for ages 6 months and up is a plush animal with a purpose. It is a part of the Miyoni line, which features realistic, handmade plush. Not only is the Snow Leopard cute and super cuddly, its purpose is to raise awareness about endangered animals. The PBS Kids and Miyoni tags feature facts about the Snow Leopard like, "snow leopard cannot roar but they can growl, hiss, and meow," establishes their endangered status, reveals where they can be found, and poses the question: How can we protect these cats with our everyday choices? The Snow Leopard plush is about 9 inches tall and is extremely huggable and soft. Snow Leopard and Erect Crusted Penguin are sold separately. 
Is It Fun?
The Snow Leopard plush is wonderfully soft and huggable and is modeled after a real Snow Leopard. The fact tags add an educational touch that will raise awareness about Snow Leopards.
Who It’s For
Great for animal and plush lovers ages 6 months and up, who love learning about animals, especially, those of which are endangered.
What To Be Aware Of
The Snow Leopard and Erect Crusted Penguin are sold separately. 100% of the net proceeds PBS receives from your purchase helps support their educational mission. To clean: use mild soap and water. When dry, brush to restore the appearance of the plush.
  • Fun

  • Huggability

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy