Remote Control Wall Climbing Car Review (Thumbs Up!)

Remote Control Wall Climbing Car
What It Is

It's time to drive all around your walls with the Remote Control Wall Climbing Car from Thumbs Up! The first thing you'll need is six AA batteries. This car has two modes of play: One on the floor, one on the wall. Put it on floor mode, this will only work on smooth surfaces. If you expect this to work on carpeting, it won't. You can play with it on the floor, and it'll work like a regular R/C car simply going forward, back, left, and right. It also has lights so you can see which direction you're going in, but the real fun is driving across the walls. To begin driving on walls, simply put the car on a flat, smooth wall and start moving along. Thanks to wall suction technology, feel free to steer it whichever way you like with the R/C and watch it defy gravity.

Is It Fun?
Kids will enjoy steering the R/C on and around the house. It's not really an outdoor R/C, hence it being a wall-based vehicle. When kids drive this up walls, they'll have a really fun time testing how high the car climb. As a typical R/C, it works well also. The two options to have it function as a standard vehicle or have it climb up walls will certainly add to the replay value and give kids even more of a reason to keep playing. The R/C also has three channels that allow up to three Wall Climbing Cars to race at once. You can also drive it in the dark because of the light, which is pretty cool. 
Who It’s For
This is age-graded 8 and up. Kids and their friends are going to have an awesome time driving and eventually racing it all over the place. It's design is also really groovy and we'd expect kids to come up with Spider-Man-themed adventure play based on it's look and wall-crawling abilities.
What To Be Aware Of
This is not the first r/c car we've ever seen drive up walls, but it's a fun one. It works really well. Just put it on the wall and start driving along. Once again, the wall needs to be somewhat smooth. A bumpy wall will be problematic. Kids can also race up to three R/C Wall Climbing Cars thanks to three channels. You will also need six AA batteries to power the R/C Wall Climbing Car.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    6 AA batteries required