Cuddle Clones Review (Cuddle Clones)

Cuddle Clones
What It Is
A Cuddle Clone is a replica, stuffed-toy version of your pet that you can order online. Visit Cuddle Clone's website and start your order by uploading at least one picture of your pet. They give you many different angles to capture and upload so they can be precise about the markings on your pet. The quality and details of this process are really determined by the visuals you provide. There are also options for ears and tails as well as how you'd like your pet positioned whether it is sitting, lying down, or standing. After you place your order you are contacted right away via email and they continue to reach out to you until you receive delivery.
Is It Fun?
Some humans might find the idea of making a stuffed version of their pet a little bit weird. But once you realize this is stuff toy and not taxidermy, it's really fun. It is especially fun if you have a beloved pet in your home or parents home, and don't get to see it often.
Who It’s For
Cuddle Clones are for anyone who is crazy about their pet. This would also be a great gift for devoted pet parents and college-aged children living away from home and their best furry friends.   
What To Be Aware Of
Cuddle Clones can only be purchased at Since each Cuddle Clone is custom made you may have to wait up to eight weeks but they do offer faster processing for a fee.  Prices vary depending on the size of your pet. Cuddle Clones can make a stuffed version of any pet including horses but they come out about the same size as dogs. Order Cuddle Clones at A portion of each sale is donated to pet causes around the world.
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