Wooly Wonkz Toy Bird Purple Review (RC Pet Products)

Wooly Wonkz Toy Bird Purple
What It Is

The Toy Woodland Bird is part of the Wooly Wonkz collection from RC Pet Products. Indoor cats will get lots of much needed exercise and stimulation from playing with this basic cat toy! The Toy Woodland Bird is individually handcrafted toys by the skillful artisans of the Himalayas, using natural, renewable and eco-friendly wool fibers. It comes in a variety of colors. The fish toys feature a crinkly film interior while the bird toys have a bell inside. The Toy Woodland Bird is a small cat toy that only measures about 5 inches. 

Is It Fun?

The Toy Woodland Bird from the Wooly Wonkz Collection by RC Pet Products is a very basic small cat toy that is fun for cats that like to play with small toys. It's nothing super exciting but cats need their exercise and it's great to have a few toys like the Woodland Bird around to change up the types of toys your cat plays with! 

Who It’s For

The Toy Woodland Fish from the Wooly Wonkz Collection by RC Pet Products is great for indoor cats that love to play with small cat toys. It's tiny and will provoke your cat's instincts to stalk and hunt and capture it like it's tiny prey. Cats are immediately attracted to it's all natural wool fibers and crinkly noises. 

What To Be Aware Of

Because every RC Pets Toy is handcrafted, subtle colour, size and shape variations may occur. This is what makes our toys so special and truly one-of-a-kind. Toys are meant to be chewed and as such are not covered under our repair/replace guarantee. Caution: Ingestion of small parts inside this product can result in serious injury. Discard and replace the toy if it becomes damaged. Supervised play only. 

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