Wooly Wonkz Woodland Toys Review (RC Pet Products)

Wooly Wonkz Woodland Toys
What It Is
The Wooly Wonks Woodland Toys from RC Pet Products is a collection of ball like dog toys designed to resemble small creatures of the forest.  There are four styles to choose from.  They are the fox, the owl, the hedgehog and the racoon.  The Woodland Toy collection is made from all natural New Zealand Wool making it Eco-friendly as well as toxin-free.  These toys are brightly colored but RC Pets ensures your dog's safety by using Azo-free dyes.  Each Wooly Wonk Woodland Toy is hand made by skilled artisan in the Himalayas.  The Wooly Wonks Woodland Toys can be used for chewing, under Pet Parent Supervision of course, and for indoor or dry outdoor fetch games.   
Is It Fun?
The Wooly Wonks Woodland Toys are versatile puppy playthings since they can be used for fetching or just a supervised nosh.  We think this is a great indoor fetching toy since it's not a particularly heavy toy and it's outer layer is soft enough to should most things in your house which could be hit with a slightly inaccurate throw.  Outdoor play is really only recommended if it's dry although the Wooly Wonks Woodland Toys are machine washable. 
Who It’s For
The Wooly Wonks Woodland Toys are for any dog that likes to fetch or even chew on tennis balls and other soft toys. They are also good for eco-friendly Pet Parents who want all natural toys for their furbabies.  
What To Be Aware Of
The Wooly Wonks Woodland Toys come in four different styles and are sold separately. The ears, eyes and nose come off pretty fast if you have chewer on your hands.  After that, they hold up to chomping nicely.  Remove the pieces so your dog does not ingest them.  These toys are made with wool from New Zealand and are hand-stitched in Nepal.  The Wooly Wonks Woodland Toys are toxin-free and are colored with Azo-free dye.  Since they are handmade there may be slight differences in each toy.
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