URB-E Review (Urban626)

What It Is

Don't just walk or ride a bike to get around. URB-E around with the URB-E, a foldable and compact electric scooter. It lets you get around without the hassle of gas or parking. Use it for your commute or to get to the grocery store. Fold it up and bring it with you when you travel so that you always have an easy way to get around when you reach your destination. Even though the URB-E is electric, it's classified as a bicycle, so you don't need a driver's license or registration to ride.

The URB-E only weighs 35 pounds because it is made of carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. It travels up to 15 miles per hour and runs on a rechargeable 36-volt lithium-ion battery. You will get about 20 miles on a full charge. You can adjust the seat forward or backward, but not the height of the seat. And the tires are not inflated with air, so they'll never go flat. Turn on the URB-E with a key, and twist the handlebar throttle toward you to propel the URB-E forward. Press the hand brake to stop. There are foot pegs so you have a place to put your feet when you ride.

There's also a kill switch to temporarily disable the motor, a rear LED light, and a kickstand.

Is It Fun?
The URB-E has lots of versatility because it can be used for many different purposes. Adults who live in a city can use this to get to work. College students can use this to get to class. The company even says that kids as young as 8 can ride this, however, we think that the high price tag will make this more of a product that adult urban commuters will be buying and using for themselves. There is also a learning curve to riding the URB-E, so potential riders should be prepared to take some time practicing how to ride it to reduce any safety risks. Once you do get the hang of it, it will be fun to ride, especially if you're riding it as a commute alternative in the bike lane or on the sidewalk and passing up all the city car traffic.
Who It’s For

If you buy this for your kid, don't be alarmed when you read in the owner's manual that a person under the age of 18 should NEVER ride the URB-E. Technically, the URB-E is for ages 18 and up, however, that's only for the one-year warranty on the vehicle. But the URB-E is classified as a bicycle, so a child as young as 8 could ride this provided that he or she is tall enough, at least four feet eight inches tall. The child's feet should touch the ground when sitting on the URB-E. It has a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds.

That said, its high cost might prohibit some parents from being able to buy this for a child. It will probably be more for adults looking for a faster way to commute to and from work.

What To Be Aware Of

The URB-E runs on a rechargeable 36-volt lithium-ion battery. It comes with a charger, and it takes four hours to fully charge the battery. You can ride about 20 miles on a full charge.

It's going to take some time to get the hang of riding URB-E, so it's recommended that for your first time out, you go to an area away from cars, pedestrians, other cyclists, and potential hazards. Once you're able to safely operate the URB-E, then you can ride in busier places.

Always wear a helmet and proper protective gear when riding the URB-E.

Accessories for the URB-E are available and sold separately.

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