Graffiti Stickers Review (Paper Punk)

Graffiti Stickers
What It Is

If you are looking for a way to jazz up your stuff, then check out Graffiti Stickers, a collection of more than 280 stickers that kids can use to decorate just about anything they want. The set's three sheets of stickers include a modern mix of graphics, patterns, numbers, and letters to allow kids to customize and decorate cell phones, folders, notebooks, cards, travel cups, laptops, and more. There are arrows, lightning bolts, skulls, fruit, gears, patterned squares, and even eyes to give kids' stuff personality. The color scheme of the stickers is red, blue, white, black, and yellow. The sticker set even includes two punch-out postcards that kids can decorate and share or hang up for display. These are postcards that kids can actually send in the mail if they wanted to.

Is It Fun?
The Graffiti Stickers are some pretty cool stickers, and boys and girls will have fun using these stickers to decorate and personalize their belongings. They would be a fun back-to-school item so that kids could decorate and label their school supplies in advance of the school year starting and get excited about the upcoming school year. Of course, there are a lot of other ways that kids can use these stickers, from decorating gift packages and homemade cards to labeling reusable water bottles and laptops. The postcard project is a fun way to get kids started, and kids will like getting creative to design cool artwork that they can display for themselves or share with friends. 
Who It’s For
The Graffiti Stickers are for ages 6 and up. These make a fun back-to-school item for creative kids who want to decorate and label their school supplies, giving them a personal touch. But there are a lot of other ways that kids can use these stickers, and they'll have fun coming up with those ways.
What To Be Aware Of

Paper Punk Graffiti Stickers are available exclusively at Target.

Paper Punk also makes paper craft kits, sold separately.

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