Marbology Review (Marbles Brain Workshop)

What It Is

Engage in the study of marbles with the logic puzzle game Marbology. Create a path so that the marble can travel from its start position to its home position. It sounds easy enough, but you've got some limitations, namely a 4x6 grid covered almost completely in tiles with only one or two open spots. Those open spots give you freedom to slide the tiles within the grid to try to create the pathway.

Choose one of the 52 challenge cards and set up the grid according to what is shown on the card. There are four levels of difficulty: associate of marbology (or easy), bachelor of marbology, master of marbology, and doctor of marbology (the hardest).

There are a few movement rules for the marbles and tiles. All tiles can move whether or not they have a marble on top of them by sliding them into the open spots. A marble can move from one recess to another by way of a complete path connecting the two recesses. A marble cannot rest where there is not a recess. And a marble can't move off a path into open spaces between tiles. 

As you progress through the difficulty levels, you'll start encountering the black marbles, which are blocking marbles. They follow the same movement rules of the colored marbles, but the black marbles don't have a home to return to so you'll need to figure out how to make your paths around them. 

If you need help or you want to check your answer, there are solutions on the back of each card, but keep in mind that each challenge might actually have several solutions, so if you create a successful pathway that is different from what is shown on the back of the card, you still win.

Is It Fun?

This game reminds us of those picture puzzles where you have to slide tiles around in order to create the image. But instead of pictures, you're making pathways. Even the easy puzzles may take you awhile to figure out, but if you enjoy logic puzzles and games, then you'll have fun putting your critical thinking skills to the test with Marbology.

Who It’s For
Marbology is for one player ages 8 and up. This is a great way to test critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and it will appeal to anybody who likes the challenge of solving puzzles and playing logic games. 
What To Be Aware Of
Marbology comes with nine marbles, 15 double-sided tiles, 52 puzzle cards, a wooden storage box, and a sheet of illustrated instructions. The back of the puzzle cards show the solutions.
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