Jackson Galaxy The Vault Marinater Review (Petmate)

Jackson Galaxy The Vault Marinater
What It Is

The Vault toy marinater from Jackson Galaxy by Petmate is a small vault that creates catnip infused toys at all times. This is a fantastic product to catify your home. Jackson Galaxy has spent over 20 years gathering information on how to bring out your cat mojo and catify your home. He has become the trusted expert cat behaviorist and his products incorporate his wealth of knowledge on our feline friends. The Vault toy marinater is a simple box that you add catnip to, place your toys inside and seal it for catnip toys at the ready whenever you'd like. This product is a must have for any cat parents that have cats who love playing with catnip toys! Any material will absorb the scent - rubber, plush, feather and more! The Vault measures 11.4" x 5.5" x 5" (28.9 x 13.9 x 12.7 cm), so it fits easily into your home.

Is It Fun?

The Jackson Galaxy Vault Toy Marinater is fun because it allows you to have catnip toys at the ready at all times for playtime. It's an excellent and innovative product for cat parents that want to bump up their feline friend's cat mojo. It's the perfect item to have at home for any cat that loves the scent of catnip and loves their toys infused with the catnip scent.

Who It’s For

The Jackson Galaxy Vault Toy Marinater is a great product for cats that can't get enough of their favorite catnip. The Jackson Galaxy Vault Toy Marinater will ensure that you will always have catnip infused toys at the ready to be played with by your favorite feline friend! It's easy to use and a great product for both cats and their parents.

What To Be Aware Of

The Jackson Galaxy Vault Toy Marinater by Petmate has small holes to infuse the scent of catnip. Be sure to keep The Vault in a stable place so the catnip doesn't get messy.

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